Joshua Lowe Music

Post Modern American Roots

My dad had records, lots and lots of records. And I had free reign.  At an early age I began to explore the  history of American music. From Count Basie to  Fats Dominio, Hank Williams to Hoyt Axton,  Robert Johnson to Willie Nelson; Dylan, Parton, Holly, Presley,  Wainwright, Cash; The Supremes, The Dead, The Beatles, The Blasters;  Folk, Doo Wop, Big Band, Country & Western, Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll.

Sitting in front of my dad's record collection, digging through the stacks till an album cover caught my eye;  the scratch of the needle; the brief moment of calm before the first blast of sound; the hours spent around the turntable truly was the beginning of my passion and connection to music.