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Joshua Lowe & Patti Maxine

Joshua Lowe and Patti Maxine are a folk duo from Santa Cruz. Patti Maxine's lap steel guitar blends beautifully with Joshua's voice and acoustic guitar. Whether it is a folk ballad, a rowdy country tune, or one of their many original songs,  Joshua and Patti bring a natural ease and joy to their performances. Their shared love of music is evident in each song they play.  Two old friends playing good music for good people. It's as simple as that.

Joshua and Patti have a duo album consisting of songs written by Joshua that focus around the love and connection of family, which is appropriately titled “Family.” You can listen to and download the album by CLICKING HERE.

In addition to the duo album Patti appears on the Joshua Lowe & The Juncos studio album "Is the Moon Shining Still" and the live Juncos album, "Live At The Kuumbwa"

 Lap steel virtuoso Patti Maxine is one of the hardest working musicians in Santa Cruz, California. A session player in constant demand, Patti plays most nights of the week. A musical Swiss army knife, she handles a wide variety of styles with ease, sliding gracefully from Hawaiian to swing, from R&B and rock, from blues to jazz and back again.

  For more information on Patti Maxine CLICK HERE


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